Gain Weight and Build a Thick & Muscular Back

If you want the gain weight and build a thick and muscular back, you need to become familiar with three exercises. These three exercises are Chin-ups, Rows and lastly but most importantly; Deadlifts. If you can do these three exercises realistically, you would end up with a thick and impressive muscular back. But one thing you should realize that your back muscles cover a huge portion of your total musculature, so developing them will add numerous pounds to your frame.

Firstly, you have to give attention to the traps which start at the neck and go all the way down to the mid back. The most effective exercises for it are the deadlifts, shrugs and hang cleans. Deadlifts can be done anywhere between 1-20 reps. Shrugs are best kept at 6-12 reps and clean should usually be done for 6 reps or less. The next thing is the smaller muscles around the shoulder blade area which are the rhomboids, teres major and minor and rear deltoids. These muscles work through all forms of rows. You have to stick with big compound rowing exercises like dumbbell and barbell rows if you really want to get the most for your buck and to work as many muscles as possible.

But if you are more advanced and want to directly target some of these smaller muscles, you can also do that with exercises like face pulls, bent over lateral raises, scarecrows and external rotations. These smaller exercises are not necessary but can help you in preventing imbalances and put the finishing touches on a well-muscled back. When utilizing these smaller exercises, be sure to keep the reps in the 8-12 range as it will work best your muscles.

Now we have written above are important things and should be considered but still, you could ignore all of it and just do deadlift on a regular basis and you can still develop a very impressive back. Deadlifts are the king of the back building and work for every muscle group. If you have more time available to dedicate in building a big back, do two sets each, twice per week of some type of deadlift or lower back exercise shrug, upper back isolation move compound row and chin up.

Is Adios and Adios Max especially designed to benefit you?

As we are all aware, the weight loss market is flooded with an overabundance of weight loss products. While they claim to cater to individualistic needs, has the claim really been justified? Speaking of claims, can we rest assured that Adios and Adios Max are customized to benefit you? Both the products are aimed at tackling the problem of slow metabolism. The body slows down the metabolism rate when it goes through an irregular eating habit. This is done in order to utilize the fat stored in the body during the times the body is deprived of food. This procedure takes a long time to be reversed when a person starts following a regular diet habit. The active ingredient, focus in Adios and Adios Max speeds up metabolism, thus helping the body revive faster.

A common misconception is that the faster weight is lost, the better the results. On the contrary, the slower and steady pace at which weight is shed, the better the chances are at keeping it that way. The system of Adios and Adios Max encourages the eating of three small, low-calorie and healthy meals a day. Calories are the energy derived from food. The body needs the energy to perform daily tasks, but when more calories than required are consumed, the body stores these extra calories for later utilization.

However, if these stored calories are not burnt later, they are converted into fat cells. Keeping this in mind, the program recommends daily exercise complimented with a low-calorie diet. The exercise aids in burning off excess fat and the calorie diet keeps the calorie count at a check. A slow metabolism can be due to various reasons but whatever the reason, it is the aim of Adios and Adios Max programs to help boost slow metabolisms by their carefully planned diet schedule along with an exercise regime to cater to each individual’s body needs.

Simple ways to improve the health of your joints

Your body is your temple, and you should always try to keep it in the best condition possible. We probably don’t do enough, but a small change every day can improve your overall wellbeing drastically. If you are thinking about keeping your joints healthy then there are numerous ways in which you can do this with limited effort.

Using supplements or artificial compounds: There are plenty of products on the market that can help improve the health of your joints. Omega 3 rich foods such as oily fish are great for people with osteoarthritis. The same goes for people who may have suffered a broken limb, who may benefit from additional fish oil in their diets. You could also consider natural glucosamine supplements, which are a compound found in cartilage. The main function of cartilage is to keep your joints from rubbing together and reduces the overall amount of friction in the joint. Without it, you would suffer excruciating pain from having bone rubbing on bone. This would usually require a joint replacement (this is common for the hip joint especially!).

More exercise can also help mobility: Although joint problems may have been caused by exercise in the first instance, this can also be a good rehabilitation exercise. Strengthening the muscles around a joint will help to lessen the effect of strain on the cartilage itself. Without this strength, the impact of let’s say running will be exerted on the joint in its entirety! Whatever you do, don’t forget how important your joints are. By looking after them now, you can offset years of the painful movement. Always consult your physician or doctor if you believe your joints are damaged or you are unsure about the correct supplements to take.

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